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Who we are:

Williams Brothers IT is a small, highly focussed technology service provider. Our focus is small and medium size businesses of up to 250 employees. The process of engagement is quite simple and follows a proven track record to focus our team on our client's specific requirements.

The customer services we provide depend entirely on our client's business needs. With services ranging from computer repair to full turnkey solutions, we can customize a package of services for a business of any size.

History of Williams Brothers IT:

The company was started in June of 2013. Our primary investors (Randy and Terry Williams - The Williams Brothers) foresaw that managed service providers could provide more efficiency for businesses and without ignoring small businesses. We offer and bring only what the client requires. We do not dictate the services they require. Too many service providers based managed client services on vendor kickbacks and standardized services. We do not. Since numerous clients do not meet such stringent requirements, we saw an opportunity.

The Williams Brothers chose to leave the status quo models behind and create a custom model that left no one without technology support for their businesses. Instead we developed a business model to educate business owners about technology and help them to make informed choices. We then support those choices through implementation and ongoing support. Randy's extensive education includes a Master of Education, Juris Doctor (Laws), as well as Avid technology certifications, advanced professional production coursework and professional production experience as a producer, sound engineer, film editor, publisher and graphic designer. Terry's extensive technology experience and credentials include rare, difficult to obtain certifications in the technology managed services realm for business, including security, computer architecture, Microsoft, Azure, Cisco and numerous others. Their combination of education, technical skills and business experience led to a technology service where no one was left out because they were too small or didn't fit in a particular box. We believe in people before bottom line. We believe the two must be balanced for either to succeed.

In choosing vendors as our partners, numerous criteria were methodically evaluated including, but not limited to, end user supports, business ethics, marketplace track record, end user reviews and our own experiences. As business owners since 1980, we noticed gaps in managed services. Now we work diligently to close those gaps for businesses.

After careful observation of large enterprise clients over many years, tasks from educational teaching through to technical architecture and network design, we wanted to offer better support to our local community by assisting local, small and medium businesses. We also assist not-for-profits in their technology requirements. Our approach offers a better work-life balance for clients and their employees. We bring clients education applicable to their technology requirements and vendors that will assist them to meet their goals and grow their businesses.

This approach led to our motto - "Your IT, Your way." - and our vision statement - "To enable our Small and Medium Business Partners to leverage technology for the improvement of their businesses and the lives they touch."

The values we believe in for the business and its day to day operations are:
      1. Always do what is right for the client regardless off profit margin.
      2. People before technology.
      3. Clients are people too.
      4. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of relationships.

Utilizing these values, WBIT (Williams Brothers IT) first educates, then assists to implement the client’s choice of solution. We believe the client knows what is best for their business.

We sincerely mean it when we say "How may I assist you?"

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